Tips for metal-to-plastic conversions

Key Factors that Drive Metal Replacement

In many situations, numerous metal components that compose a bigger part should be welded in an additional procedure which includes in the moment and the price. Additionally, where there is a bonded location, there could be a tendency toward a weak point in the metal. By integrating numerous steel components right into one built plastic part, the resulting item or part is stronger as well as executes much better. In addition, plastic parts are reasonably maintenance complimentary as they do not require layer or painting to secure the product.


Those questions may consist of:

Exactly what are you attempting to achieve by converting from metal-to-plastic? (As an example, do you want a far better item? An item less costly to make? An item with superior homes?). What ‘s owning the modification? Weight reduction? Toughness enhancement? Visual renovations? Exactly what is the part ‘s feature? What plastic material will be utilized?

“All the parties entailed should drill down and address these questions and other that may emerge, ” Smith included.

The next step to making a metal-to-plastic conversion is to recognize the application. The product engineer, the component designer, the mold and mildew developer and also the molder of plastic parts all should collaborate to identify the product residential or commercial properties required provided the part ‘s use, the stresses it will certainly be under, and the setting in which it will run.


It ‘s essential to understand the customer ‘s purpose in converting a product or element in order to provide the maximum remedy. If, as an example, an OEM just intends to transform an aspect to plastic materials because plastic is extra affordable or lighter, the private needs to be informed regarding all the reasons this is an exceptional choice.

Steel to Plastic Part Conversions
Do you have a metal-based item that is a good possibility to move to a plastic injection developed part? Many specialty plastic companies can function as guides in this procedure with most designs for most clients. Whether it ‘s for weight, full part, and/or expense reduction functions, we might aid you recognize the benefits that accompany changing steel elements to plastic shot molded components.
Are you browsing for these features:

  • Resistance to heats & chemicals
  • Eliminating electric conductivity
  • Reduce or eliminate need for lubrication
  • High resistance to wear
  • Noise reduction
  • Dimensional stability & close resistances

Why Use Metal To Plastic Conversion Specialist

Those are all possible for your plastic shot constructed part. Physical and mechanical design of high impact polycarbonate products are continually being enhanced as well as swiftly existing to the market. Polycarbonate components can be superior to many steel components in many applications, while having the ability to be developed into extremely complex geometries at reduced expense over production of metal equivalent parts.

A large metal customer within the printing industry asked for assistance with a new design of an existing product which was made out of stainless steel. The main benefit they were seeking was to reduce weight and cost. The necessary research was conducted so that a suitable thermoplastic material could be selected and utilized for the application. Then some appropriate design changes were performed, while adhering to basic plastic design methods and manufacturing principles. The part made it through extensive prototyping and testing, being able to meet functional, thermal, mechanical, structural, & aesthetic requirements. The project was viewed as a success since it was able to deliver a dramatic 10 fold cost reduction and significant weight reduction as well. This is a common result with clients that are seeking to make a metal to plastic conversion.

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